The CEFCO/EBCO partnership began with  two stores in 1998 in Temple, Texas. Those two stores were the beginning of a sustainable partnership with Fikes Wholesale.

At EBCO we pride ourselves in learning and integrating ourselves into the technical aspects of our client’s business.  To build it RIGHT, you must to understand how it works.

  •  We understand environmental procedures with respect to TECQ and MDEQ
  • We are experts in streamlining construction and pre-construction of multiple stores client programs
  • We have a large vendor resource with industry leaders in refrigeration, fuel installation, canopy installation, and POS infrastructure.
  • We are one of the fastest weld up structure convenient store builders in the Nation.


The success of this program is the direct result of complete team buy in of the Architect, Owner and the Consultants.  The C-store team prides its self on the synergy we have developed and maintained in order to keep productivity above industry peak and obstacles to a minimum.

  • Schedule:100 Days
  • Locations: Texas & Mississippi